[Help] KongHack Injector issue on games with same name

I couldn't find a post on it, sorry if I missed something.

I recently made an AOB for the newest game by the name Coin Collector (the one by sublevelgames). It wasn't added to the database, so I installed the userscript, and it is detecting it as the old game by the same name (the one by zedd), and thus not adding the new game. I marked my submission description to clarify it was for the sublevel games one, since it doesn't seem to be able to distinguish between the two, but figure this is a bigger issue that should probably be dealt with in a better way.

Can anyone help me clean this up, or tell me what I'm doing wrong so I can do it myself?

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link to game?

I use this AoB tool to make all the AoBs I post. Try the online version if you dont feel like downloading it.
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this happens with multiple other games as well. first games that pop into my head are elona (and elona shooter) and spellstone (and spellstone)

im assuming it just grabs the first match in the database rather than having an id mapped to each different game

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Well, if it's a new game, it obviously won't have some kinda id map TNC.  I don't have the kinda time to sit refreshing NG & Kongregate's games list and hand adding shit. :P

The userscript first looks at the referrer; That is, the URL that you see in the address bar.  It looks in the DB to see if we already have a matching URL.  If not, it will check the name.  If neither of those match, then it will create a new record.

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Are you using chrome or firefox? I dont know if it helps, but when i would try it in FF it wouldnt work. Chrome itself has a better fix on urls and sub structure so i imagine it has a better connection to the KH app.