I'm bummed that I don't have an identical twin.
The fun I'd have.

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to discover I had a long list identical twin. I'd stare into their eyes, wonder if they were a doppleganger who has come to pull me into their mirror world and sacrifice me to their queen dopplepopolus. 

Once I ruled that out, I'd try to guess what they were thinking. I'd want to see how we were different. We'd have to arm wrestle. Talk about favorite movies. I'd tell everyone I invented a cloning machine. 

What would you do if you suddenly discovered you had an identical twin?

If I were to discover that I had an identical twin , first of all i'd try to determine if I have any special qualities worth cloning   ( because you can never truly tell until you do a quick introspection ) once i'd obviously rule that one out , i'd continue with a 2 hour long spiral of confusion .

After cognitive abilities return to normal , i'd have a REEEEALY long chat with my parents , which would undoubtably lead to a  2 month long subscription to the league of silent treatments,  a truly minor inconvenience in search of the truth !!! 

Furthermore ruling out kidnapping , abductions , halucinations , drug induced coma dream ( hard one tho ;o), I'l begin cherishing every moment i'd have with him , because for all I know it may be the last . 

Also , for all intents and purposes he would be an excelent candidate for co-op video games , and i'll finaly have someone to play monopoly with ;) !

Ubi Maior Minor Cessat

Finally somebody that would like to have sex with me

Hopefully it will be me from the future.

Oh, hey...

If i had a twin, I'd play against him in games all the time. It's basically like playing against myself, which is awesome!!

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Zenwaichi Posted on: 05/12/2016 5:26pm

Finally somebody that would like to have sex with me

but is that sex, or masturbation?

also i would play videogames, be my own workout buddy because i need one, and take turns going to work so we can both be lazy

I'd follow them to see his face clearly so that i know i didn't see an illusion.

Finally the threesome I've always wanted

A sandwich comes up in my mind... if you know what i mean ;-)

If I had an identical twin we would both be bummed

if it's good enough for the lannisters...