Learn how to use cheat engine and how to hack a game.

This topic, is, in my opinion, the best one in KongHack !
Need to be always in the top of this site.

this has helped me a great deal with other games the trainer doesn't have hacks for. thanks.

Impressive and substantial tutorials.

Especially the method of finding the correct chrome PIDs were helpful to me

All i did is sign up for this topic and wow. New user ready to learn.

Great post. However does those trick apply to Flash game only or also Unity game?

Thank You and I know this is very basic that commonly used in flash and unity game. But some games using pointer and I don't have any idea about this pointer hack

Thank you! Lots of helpful info

finally managed to hack on some games with this guide!! thanks

very helpful

thanks alot bro

thanks for the guide. 

Wow great post very helpful.

Wreally easy but complicated to read +KARMA

Thank you for this.

This topic is still useful for who wants to make hacks of their own...karma for ya dude :D

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Thanks for the information on using AoB and the link to pkedpker and maximillian's guide, really helpful. yes