Learn how to use cheat engine and how to hack a game.

You may make an video about like there are really some at youtube at last please make a link...

Ok, AOB part i understand it but how do yo get or know the AOB code? i mean do u just need to search in to google or you have to hack it yourselve to get the aob code? im confused


Nice Guide thank you :}

I used to use this program a long time ago and forgot everything... sad

Thx, great tuto

Great tuto learned a lot

Useful tips and information! Thanks

The AOB thing was new, and I'll try out that tool too :)

Hacking Universe

and this is where real hackers start.
this helped me a lot when i started hacking.

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Nice guide, I forgot all about root hacks, thanks for reminding me.

thanks, helped me so much!

Great post, helped me with few things I didn't know before. Thanks a lot!


well thanks for the information, this perfect