[Request] Coinbox Hero
Coinbox Hero
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Box Funny Gun Pixel Upgrades

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[Request] Coinbox Hero

Last Updated: 01/26/2013 02:23

Coinbox Hero

Last Updated: 09/19/2012 02:29


Block Party

  Destroy the coinbox

Game Dscription
Man those coinboxes are trouble. Take this one down with everything you got! Hire hands to help you loot and plunder. When you're ready to take it down.... a tactical nuke is just around the corner. v1.01 - Fixes box fly-off screen issue, minor sticky space bar issue. As requested, walkthrough link avaiable in several places now.
[Request] Coinbox Hero Posted on: 08/27/2011 6:07pm
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I can see the coin count with CE under double, but I don't know how to find the real value. Any help for more coins, or make the ones in the box worth more money. It is a simple and stupid game, but it is addicting.

Thanks in advance.

Re: [Request] Coinbox Hero Posted on: 08/29/2011 3:11am
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I know jmtb02's style. *tries 4b*8+6* (This is one of those times I thank Hatker.)
*tries Double* *tries Double*8* *tries Double*8+6* *tries Double*6* (Fun Fact: Double*6 is only used very scarcely)
Erm... Bytehackers? Help please? Pretty please?
Re: [Request] Coinbox Hero Posted on: 08/29/2011 12:33pm
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Foreign Fanservice
Insta pick up coins

0c ?? 00 00 f0 d0 01
0c 00 00 00 f0 d0 01

Coins always worth the max value ($25)

f0 78 24 00 D2 1A ?? 00 00 24 00
f0 78 24 00 D2 1A 00 00 00 24 04

Survival of the fittest? Then why are there so many idiots around...
Point proven.
Listen to many, speak to a few.

Re: [Request] Coinbox Hero Posted on: 08/29/2011 8:38pm
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Awesome, they worked like a charm!!!!  Thanks
Re: [Request] Coinbox Hero Posted on: 01/26/2013 2:23am
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disgruntled old man
2c ae 18 - Nuke
2c ba 13 - Not Another Cent
2c f2 05  - Machine Gun
2c 81 14 - Cease Fire

Add money when you buy workers:

d0 66 da 04 a1
d0 66 da 04 a0

All other upgrades add money:
d0 66 ?? 02 66 51 62 05 a1
d0 66 ?? 02 66 51 62 05 a0

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