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Flight 2.3 / 10
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Launch Trainer!
Flight Gravity Physics Plane Upgrades

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Shit doesn't fly 10/09/2013 2.3

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Last Updated: 04/11/2013 21:07


Last Updated: 04/07/2013 07:32

Flight - 65 pts. (new window)

Paper Money

  Score $300 during a single throw

Special Delivery

  Complete your journey

Cheeves in the Breeze

  Unlock any 15 in-game achievements

Stars in Spaaace

  Collect 100 space stars during a single throw

Game Dscription
Flight, a free online action game brought to you by Armor Games. Throw a paper plane as far as you can. Collect points and upgrade your plane so you can throw it even further :)...
Flight Posted on: 09/19/2012 2:29am
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System Bot
Throw your paper plane. Collect points. Upgrade. Save the world.
RE: Flight Posted on: 04/05/2013 8:23am
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KongHack Sexiest Man Title Holder - since Feb 2011

Hey, a note to anyone using the money 4b * 8 +6

Make sure your changed value is divisible by 8 with a 6 added.

Open your calculator if you have to, type in the number you would like, multiply by 8 and add 6,. The number you get will be the appropriate one to change the value to.

@Strogglet15 or site admins, ops, or mods - it would be great (and helpful to people using this) if you could note something like this in the hack

RE: Flight Posted on: 04/05/2013 1:10pm
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Never let a computer tell´╗┐ me shit.
dont they teach order of operations in like 3rd grade?

I use this AoB tool to make all the AoBs I post. Try the online version if you dont feel like downloading it.
"Obviously, windows are central to Windows. They are so important that they named the operating system after them. But what is a window?"

RE: Flight Posted on: 04/05/2013 4:07pm
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The Laziest Man on KongHack
nah. its 6th grade kadat

RE: Flight Posted on: 04/07/2013 7:32am
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KongHack Sexiest Man Title Holder - since Feb 2011
In other forums, and other game posts on this forum, I keep seeing people having difficulties with the +6 hacks, in terms of changing their values. I've been adding this foot note to all the +6 hacks that I have submitted or submitted from a forum post