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Last Updated: 11/16/2015 01:53

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Mythological CCG with hundreds of cards, an immersive campaign and a fully interactive PvP mode. Conquer the gods and wield their magic to challenge other play...
BloodRealm Posted on: 11/12/2013 4:33pm
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ANY hack for this game life atkk or other
RE: BloodRealm Posted on: 11/13/2013 8:46am
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Well. You can use speedhack to recover all stamina in ~2sec BUT it's useless since server checks time on every action and you get disconnected.
RE: BloodRealm Posted on: 11/20/2013 10:45pm
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I guess no one can find anything, eh? Everything is server side is what I'm guessing...right?

RE: BloodRealm Posted on: 11/21/2013 3:04am
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Does anyone know the scan for mana. Is that also server side?

I tried 4b , 4b*8 , 4b*8+6 , Double , Double *8 and I couldn't find the value for mana

RE: BloodRealm Posted on: 11/21/2013 11:01am
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TIM the Enchanter
Level: 1
ADR Info

Everything I've checked is server side

Everything's coming up KongHack!

"When you know nothing matters, the universe is yours" ~Rick Sanchez

RE: BloodRealm Posted on: 11/22/2013 7:19pm
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Dang, that sucks. Thanks for checking, TIM = )

RE: BloodRealm Posted on: 11/25/2013 3:08am
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Thanks for checking.

RE: BloodRealm Posted on: 02/07/2014 5:08pm
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KBH confirmed working, thank Kadat for avoiding a massive headache.

RE: BloodRealm Posted on: 02/08/2014 10:44pm
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tried it, ohk works ty

RE: BloodRealm Posted on: 02/08/2014 11:30pm
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disgruntled old man
gravebella Posted on: 02/08/2014 9:00pm

one hit kill (enemy got this too.. please only use for beat AI)
66 ?? ?? 62 07 a1 24 00 46 ?? ?? 02
66 ?? ?? 24 00 a2

you always start first (or else, die by your own cheat. lol  Again, please use only against AI)
d5 d0 66 ?? ?? 11 2d 00 00 60 ?? ??
d5 d0 66 ?? ?? 11 2d 00 00 10 29 00 00

edit: seem its not live pvp. so, it may fine to use cheat against arena.

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RE: BloodRealm Posted on: 02/09/2014 2:23am
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Clap clap clap. Works fine and dandy.

RE: BloodRealm Posted on: 02/09/2014 10:28am
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thanks mate! nice AOB

RE: BloodRealm Posted on: 02/09/2014 2:19pm
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thanks of the nice AOB

RE: BloodRealm Posted on: 02/10/2014 7:00pm
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AoBs work great and the Arena is an AI based battle on cards people own, no log or anything of the battle is sent to the loser so there's nothing to worry about other than winning too much and getting a high ranking.

RE: BloodRealm Posted on: 02/10/2014 7:10pm
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Ubi Maior Minor Cessat

the server gathers data don't be naive