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Final Fantasy VIII 06/20/2014
Final Fantasy VIII Posted on: 02/09/2014 4:49am
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The Laziest Man on KongHack

yes its easily hackable. if people want, i can post a trainer for it.

but thats not why i make this thread.

im here because there is one specific portion of this game that i cant seem to hack, and its annoying the everliving shit out of me.
you may think to yourself, "Oh, he just sucks at hacking and overplays what he can do to try and look cool" and if you think that, youre a moron. this is completely unrelated to the thread but im gonna stop here and call you a moron. *smiles*

now due to the fact i can hack health, timers, items (both quantity and the object itself), and a few other things, youd think this would make the game pretty much 100% easy. but no. it has to have a fucking minigame. a /CARD/ minigame. what part about this frustrates me? all of it. whoever thought up the idea should be burned alive in a fire made of super-aids. this angers me more than vegen bacon.

so far theres nothing i can think of that can make this god awful minigame any worse. nothing about it (from what i can see) is hackable. see the values on each card? hardcoded somewhere. see the score during a match? cant even find the damn value. see the amount of cards you have? cant find that value either. wanna try and make more? find its value and change it to do absolutely nothing.
and this is the part that makes me angry. you cant use any form of breakpoint on steam games because they crash. cheat engine debugger? crash. using ida or olly even with hiding from "isdebuggerpresent" and extra bullshit? crash. manually set a breakpoint on anything? crash. now the crashing is fine. a pain in the ass to workaround with setting flags and injections and such, but its fine. what ISNT fine is the retardedly obscure/compacted code. even if you find a value (which you can) and manage to get breakpoints working (pain in the ass) you STILL wont be able to do a damn thing because the operations that write to those addresses are nothing but movs that are inside a huge chunk that gets called by almost every fucking thing in the game. oh whats that you wanna nop it? crash. you want to change a conditional jump to regular jmp? crash.

the only options i can think of to get this to work, is 1: to find the name of the function its calling ONLY for that specific value, and making a codecave to check specifically for that name and run some code if it is that name, otherwise continue as normal. not only does that mean i gotta search through the exe, but i gotta write in assembly. fuck that. the other option is 2: step into the instructions to see exactly where its changing the value and modify that code. but that will probably be accompanied with the first one because everything is fucking interconnected.

fuck this minigame, fuck me, and fuck hacking this. if you wanna try and do it, go ahead. ive already done half of the work for you. but dont expect me to give the effort of making that kind of a hack for a tiny minigame thats only required if you want an easier or 100% run.

if you do feel like picking up on this (i feel sorry for you) then heres the info your gonna need to know.
0x01D8B065 is the address for the value of the first card in the >mod card ability.
0x01CFE79D is the address of the value for the first item in your inventory. youre gonna need it if you get 100 screws or whatever.

004D734D - C6 00 00 - mov byte ptr [eax],00
004D7377 - 88 07  - mov [edi],al
this is what you get if you manage to find what writes to the value of 0x01D8B065 (from above)
here is a link to the way to bypass the breakpoint crashes (with mirrors here and here)
now excuse me while my soul cries like a little bitch and i damn myself to playing these miserable card games because my perfectionism demands achievements and a 100% save file.

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RE: Final Fantasy VIII Posted on: 06/20/2014 1:17am
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Honestly, I didn't even really worry about the card game.  I just found an inventory controlling program and added in 99 of all the cards.  I know this isn't exactly helpful, but if you are just after the card items, it's a workaround.  Not to mention, I never really played that minigame anyways, so is it really necessary to make a hack for it?

Just saying  :"3

RE: Final Fantasy VIII Posted on: 06/20/2014 5:05am
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thenewcomer Posted on: 02/08/2014 11:49pm
..because the operations that write to those addresses are nothing but movs that are inside a huge chunk that gets called by almost every fucking thing in the game...

Is it possible the minigame run on a VM or lua/python scripting?

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we shall exchange appreciation via telepathy ;)