Star Era
Anime strategy card game
Star Era 5.5 / 10
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Beautiful artwork, repetitive gameplay. 07/08/2014 5.5

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Star Era

Anime strategy card game
Last Updated: 07/18/2015 07:45

Star Era

Star Era
Last Updated: 11/20/2014 00:03

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Game Dscription
Star Era, a recently popular card game based on the science fiction, creates a huge space city for its fans. Players are allowed to explore the mysterious universe from which they will receive a wide range of exquisite cards drawn by famous Chinese and Japanese cartoonists. They can enhance cards to break through what they are capable of. Meanwhile, in-game splendid skill effects would help players enjoy thrilling battles well. The interaction and cooperation among players is the core gameplay. Players can enjoy the fun brought by tactical combination of exquisite cards on Website, IOS and Android. Have a try now!
RE: Star Era Posted on: 11/01/2014 1:40pm
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so no way to like lets say, bump amount of coins u get for selling cards or melting nuke?
anything changed??

@Zenwaichi what exacly is hackable??

RE: Star Era Posted on: 11/01/2014 2:45pm
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Ubi Maior Minor Cessat

nowadays pretty much nothing. Guys be smarter this is a kind of game you should avoid:
1) chinese company ( big red flag)
2) a "mmo" designed to make you sink money
3) there is literally nothing you do in the game, it's not much different from an "idle game".
Since there isn't much to do in game pretty much everything is done on the server and the horrible mix of chinese and english in the code and the traffic just make it worse.

RE: Star Era Posted on: 11/29/2014 2:25am
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server side and the drop rates are rigged anyway :(   but thanks for looking

RE: Star Era Posted on: 07/18/2015 7:45am
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Hello everyone (This is my 1st post),
I'm a web developer and have played this game for a few months now...

From what I get about the game is...
1) SeverSide system (Database value validation)
2) ClientSide FLASH client by browser (Only for interaction with the user-player controls and UI)
3) The game FLASH client requests allot of media items from the servers "JPGs and SWFs" (Animation and User Eye Candy)
4) The FLASH client does not seam to send many values to the server, it does not do any calculations on combat, prices, stats or odds.
5) You can tell that the combat finishes a split second after you hit the attack button, all calculations are done serverside, but the animation takes allot of waiting to load (media request, animations and very few user interaction, mainly after the animation ended).

With out seen the requests that the FLASH app sends to the server, I speculate this:
- After you login with your FB
- Go past the daily bonuses claiming process
- You go to the same ritual of "step-step" and get CardReward/Combat/Nothing(Only coins and XP) in exchange for AP and Energy
- Once you get a good card, you need to level it up, by consuming other basic cards (This is the most time consuming part of this game), this and you need coins to do this.

You do have allot of ways to get good cards with out needing to spend real money on this game, you only need enuff time to get them.

Conclusion, the game may not be hackable when it comes to coins/XP/diamond/AP/Energy or any other item or value...

BUT... by analyzing the game mechanics and making a TRAINER that only sends the requests to the server (Hope there is no minimum-wait-time limit on each request) you can AUTOMATE the game, where you only sit back and level up the valuable cards or accumulate coins.

The trainer may only need to set what card you want to lvlup (by consuming low lvl cards and available coins) and set it to auto-walk and combat, after some time the card may be MAXED, then set another card and repeat...

Now, another option is to AUTO-SELL low lever cards to get more coins, this way in not mush time you have a dissent high lvl cards to do tournaments and events, this is the main goal of this game (to get promotional items and exclusive higher lvl cards).

Another option i to auto-deck, because every time you fight, the infectors(enemies), get stronger, if you use a weak deck, you do not do allot of damage and spend your combat energy, and another game friend may make the kill and get better cards.
If you attack with a strong deck you risk on spending to mush energy (atomicbomb to kill a fly)

When... That's just my 2 cents
Hope to get some feed back from all of you.