Minecraft Tower Defence 2
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Defense Monster Pixel Strategy Tower Defense

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Last Updated: 12/18/2015 21:44

Minecraft Tower Defense 2

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Minecraft Tower Defence 2

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Welcome to Minecraft Tower Defence 2. In the original, you had 3 almost identical maps to play on with 8 items in total. Now, there is over 16 completely vari...
MINECRAFT Posted on: 02/16/2015 6:48pm
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Am I stupid to request such cheats for such game? :)


RE: MINECRAFT Posted on: 02/16/2015 7:49pm
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TheNiGGErSiam Posted on: 02/16/2015 1:48pm

Am I stupid to request such cheats for such game? :)

Do you mean actual minecraft and not the linked game?

In that case, yes, you're a complete retard.  There's a billion mods out there, not to mention you could just use Creative mode.


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RE: MINECRAFT Posted on: 02/17/2015 5:03pm
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While stupid to request hacks/cheats for Minecraft, what are you looking to achieve? Perhaps myself or someone else could point you in the right direction.

RE: MINECRAFT Posted on: 02/18/2015 7:47am
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I didnt know that there's actually a minecraft tower defence though i'm not surprised :P

RE: MINECRAFT Posted on: 05/24/2015 3:15am
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its call modding the f*** s*** out of something my friend... :/ AND MAN IS IT FUN!

RE: MINECRAFT Posted on: 09/06/2015 10:19am
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Seriously though - what sorts of mods are you looking to find for the game? There's ones that let you do almost anything, though sometimes you have to revert back to an earlier version of the game to get the specifics you want.

RE: MINECRAFT Posted on: 12/08/2015 12:46am
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Honestly just revert back to 1.6.4, plenty of good mods den
I think you would want not enough items(NEI)

RE: MINECRAFT Posted on: 12/10/2015 1:26am
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Just looked this over again, and it's not minecraft, the traditional game. This is a request about a tower defence game, based on minecraft. Whoops.

RE: MINECRAFT Posted on: 12/18/2015 9:14pm
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ops name is TheNiGGErSiam they are obviously trolling

RE: MINECRAFT Posted on: 12/18/2015 9:44pm
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Heeroe Posted on: 12/18/2015 4:14pm

ops name is TheNiGGErSiam they are obviously trolling

no wonder he got LOICed :)