[Help] Random Black ;)
What does this hack do?
RE: Random Black ;) Posted on: 11/27/2016 8:38pm
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Well, but before we try to enter to that page, we're going to need some supplies...

EDIT (28.11.2016): I've got the RIA Trident again!!

RE-EDIT (28.11.9999): I've got twoTridents more! And I want, now, the last Championship weapon, the toxic one (and the coolest one). I don't remember it's name, but I hope get it. :3


RE: Random Black ;) Posted on: 11/29/2016 6:26am
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tikoking2 Posted on: 11/25/2016 4:20am

I am totally aware of that. I was just opening boxes for 1.5hr and did not find a single championship gun (force weapon was enabled)

Thus taking this into consideration i am not sure whether

  • I am simply unlucky and have to keep going 
  • the hack itself has been patched (I mean by you can still enable the hack, but it would not change anything)
  • I have activated some hacks that are compromising each other (e.g. Always crit + Double damage)
  • I might not executed all the required hacks (e.g. do I need black wide range hack?)

This is why I wanted somebody to confirm whether they could find a championship gun and with what hacks exactly (e.g. do I need wide range black box hack?)

I'll just confirm it that random black is still valid hack. I managed to get Trident by hacks enabled (except skills hack)

RE: Random Black ;) Posted on: 11/29/2016 7:09pm
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I can get the CM X-1 Furie (Championship Toxic Rocket Launcher) if I use this hack, right? Because, at the moment, I've got almost all [BLACK] weapons except for this and Trailbrazer, Hard Thorm, Stripper and this one.


NVM. I got it! YEY!


RE: Random Black ;) Posted on: 02/16/2017 11:38am
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Does this hack still work? I am using Random Black + Wide Choice + Fixer. What am I doing wrong?

RE: Random Black ;) Posted on: 08/17/2017 6:00pm
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Enderminion Posted on: 02/16/2017 6:38am

Does this hack still work? I am using Random Black + Wide Choice + Fixer. What am I doing wrong?

Well if we have bad luck they patched SAS 4...but I do not know it for certain.^^"

Did you buy the boxes in the store? I thinks thats how it works...allthough I didn't tried it out, because I was to scared of an ban...^^"

Edit: Okay I tried it with any combination I thought that would work. Just like wide choice of gear (both the one that doesn't work with black Edition and the other one), plus the fixer, than with only random black activated...seems like it dosen't work anymore. T_T

RE: Random Black ;) Posted on: 10/01/2017 1:04am
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Pretty much better to use Black Edition updated 7 May 2015 and Grade 10 Slots. Got a 10/3 Black HIKS 3100 at level 46.

Posted on: 07/01/2018 12:35am
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Just dont use Random black, its the only one causing problems, use all other Wide choices(old one+working one+fixer)+ Black Edition ...after a few or more box open u certainly will get all 3 champweapons....one by one.


RE: Random Black ;) Posted on: 07/14/2018 3:31am
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RIA trident is only for championship only but if you use KH ultra trainer you will have that gun at ease