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Hacks & Cheats
Below is our list of available Hacks & Cheats for Crusaders of the Lost Idols
Hack Author Votes Date
Trainer Lag Reduction 1 188 08/14/2015
Trainer Ability Cooldown 142 08/14/2015
Trainer glitchy speedhax 111 08/14/2015
Money is Double x 1 44 07/31/2015
crusader levels 42 08/01/2015
speedhack 42 08/01/2015
Trainer instant kill 40 08/12/2015
Trainer Level up cost 0 24 12/14/2016
Buff Duration 18 12/01/2015
Spell Cards 17 11/18/2015
Stacked Storm Rider percentage 16 03/13/2016
Clicks 8 02/22/2016
Earn Chestbox on every boss 7 08/10/2015
Bosses Killed 6 02/17/2016
Trainer InstaKill -14 09/05/2017
Trainer Invincible -29 10/04/2016
Trainer do u liek mimics? -116 08/08/2015
Trainer moar monies, moar deepeess -126 08/10/2015

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Crusaders of the Lost Idols 05/15/2022
Crusaders of the Lost Idols Posted on: 08/08/2015 12:04am
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SOSOSOS i am the biggest noob at this but i couldnt even get the .swf opened!! + i've heard it's all server sided 
BUT is it possible to somehow hack it? exploit? any glitches? idk

(Updated the title.  "Is it even possible?" is kinda retarded) :P

You forgot to link your topic to the game. If you would have done so you would have also seen that there are already basic hacks. The swf opens fine for me and after a quick look at the code i think much of the logic runs client side.

Here is the swf: http://idlemaster.djartsgames.ca/~idle/swf/EmptyGame.swf

TIM the Enchanter
Level: 1
ADR Info

Nope, it has to do with the name of the thread.  It specifically says when you create a new topic to enter just the title of the game.  This fuck head is far too blind to read.  At least he made it to the correct forum. :P

Everything's coming up KongHack!

"When you know nothing matters, the universe is yours" ~Rick Sanchez

I am pretty sure speedhack doesnt work i've tried it several times (shit my cheatengine is broken)

Chests appear to be 4b*8+6, but when changing the value, flash crashes.

Ubi Maior Minor Cessat

probably because the modified value should follow the rule n*8+6
EDIT: nope it's because you are changing the visuals for the chest opening screen but the data about the chests seems to be missing so it raises errors/exceptions

I'm looking into how to edit my chest number, but I'm so unlucky that I've only gotten one chest in 85 levels... I'm pretty new to this stuff, but right now I'm just using cheat engine to search for n and n*8+6 where n is the number of chests I have, and filtering it as I find/use chest.

I haven't been able to make it work yet.

Your garunteed a chest each new /5 you reach. However speedhacking through a boss can cause you to not get the chest

After you reset, chests aren't guaranteed any more. It is just a percent chance on each boss.

The game crashes when i turn on speedhack

This game isn't server sided. My internet went down and the game was working with no problems.

At least the mimic hack on the trainer works for me. It's a nice boost to gold. I had to use it before clicking "Start" in order for it to work.

Auto detect for the trainer isn't working though so only searching for it manually will work.

i tried changing / freezing the amount of red rubies.

to find the adress, i first search for the gold adress, then search for the amount of rubies (in my case 200) that start with the same digits of the gold adress.
e.g. gold is 08E0D1A0 and 08E0D1A8 (doublex1),  rubies are 08E0D1** with value 200.  i can change the value to something higher and it gets displayed on screen.

however, if i want to purchase the 3rd chest, the popup just closes and nothing happens. so the question is, does anyone know what other factors might weigh in?


It might be taking into account the number of resets you have done. Each reset is only supposed to give 100 based on whether or not you've completed the reset goal.

Ubi Maior Minor Cessat

savegame,loot generation,purchases are handled in the cloud

Yes, as far as I can tell loot generation is not hackable.