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Shop Heroes 11/29/2017
Shop Heroes 10/24/2015
Shop Heroes Posted on: 08/20/2015 7:31pm
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If you played Swords and potions 2 before, check out this game! https://apps.facebook.com/shopheroes/
I dont know if you can do anything with it, looks like everything is server-sided..


RE: Shop Heroes Posted on: 09/01/2015 12:55am
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 this game has a cheat menu it is deaktivated not delted so yeah good luck :D

RE: Shop Heroes Posted on: 10/06/2015 11:35pm
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Mr. Kaotik
Dre4m Posted on: 08/31/2015 8:55pm

 this game has a cheat menu it is deaktivated not delted so yeah good luck :D

What do you mean by cheat menu?

RE: Shop Heroes Posted on: 10/14/2015 7:31pm
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I just started playing the game on kongregate would be interested in haxs

RE: Shop Heroes Posted on: 11/25/2015 7:57pm
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Cheat menu is deactivated, eh?  So theoretically someone could reactivate that cheat menu and make it possible for client-side use for anyone who can access it, couldn't they?  Probably not easy, but...
After looking at the scores for the day and week on the options beside the game window, I can see someone's figured out how to do this.  There's literally no way anyone could have pulled down 37 billion some odd gold in a day this early in the lifecycle. Some of these people are also throwing up tons of level 20-something legendaries, which can only be made by fusion and require assloads of production beforehand, and that alone can take up to days to complete even with high level crafters on top of all the questing and item replacement from the obscene breaking system.
I realize some of these players may have been alpha testers, but billions a day by over a dozen people on a game that's not even 2 months old?  Unless they're all developers, someone's got access to that menu.  I'm not saying I expect anyone to snap their fingers and poof, done, but we've got some master hackers around here.  I bet at least one of them could crack this thing wide open.

RE: Shop Heroes Posted on: 12/05/2015 6:49pm
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the numbers on the scoreboard are also possible with a very efficient bot since Shop Heroes is using an "energy" system [not the conventional one we are used to, instead it's a refillable one with no additional cost] that does away with the problem of getting stuck with a customer that is looking for something you don't have or cannot provide which was very problematic with Swords and Potions 2.

so basically all you need to do now is set up so that you have enough racks at lvl 3 for every item category [very easy to do], or just choose to craft either the 2 headgear types or 2 foot armor types or 2 hand armor types or 2 herb/potions types and set up their racks only

then, set your bot to keep producing while selling using "suggestions" when the game tries to ask you for something not in your inventory, then, adjust your shop after every 4-5 level ups in the beginning, into every 2 levels later on once a day manually. if they did that in a couple of months, they would have enough for those numbers/income in the scoreboard

a functional bot is possible now since that is just 2-3 actions that the bot has to keep up with, giving you a very low error rate

you could even set up multiple browser windows with different accounts all in the same town to multiply your gold generation which will lead to faster town building upgrades which will lead to even faster growth for every account you set up making everything that much faster

right now i am doing this manually [not set up a bot, but doing the selling manually] and am doing good time, if a bot did this non stop, you don't have to mess with crafting legendaries and such stuff, just vanilla grinding [you could still do legendary crafting if you wanted to later when your town and worker mastery levels are high enough, making legendary crafting easier]

RE: Shop Heroes Posted on: 12/13/2015 6:52am
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I don't know for $10 you can  get a pretty sweet getup on this game

But ^ We need a hack for this

RE: Shop Heroes Posted on: 12/13/2015 1:31pm
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The Laziest Man on KongHack
XDelekhan Posted on: 11/25/2015 2:57pm

Cheat menu is deactivated, eh?  So theoretically someone could reactivate that cheat menu and make it possible for client-side use for anyone who can access it, couldn't they?  Probably not easy, but... I bet at least one of them could crack this thing wide open.

yeah probably. most devs do stuff like that, and usually all it takes is editing a variable or changing a jump instruction. that being said, its also multiplayer so itll be tedious to get any hacks actually working.

and since im lazy ill just watch videos on youtube instead. if someone else wants to hack it, thatd be cool lol

Shop Heroes Posted on: 12/24/2015 5:09am
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I have tried my fair share of getting some sort of Hacks working for this game but i still can not figure out what is stopping it.
Dont get me wrong i am no pro at this lol, i am just a Programmer, I make games not hacks for a living.
But i would love to see someone with Skill to make a hack for this game.

RE: Shop Heroes Posted on: 12/30/2015 12:48pm
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Would be great if someone could share a hack.

RE: Shop Heroes Posted on: 01/18/2016 4:41pm
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Mr. Kaotik

So, I'm wondering, if someone could find the code that the game sends when you craft an item.  Since I'm sure the game sets the quality of the item being crafted, prior to it being complete.  Heres why I think this could be useful.  Say you craft a sword, and the game decides it will be of common quality.  If you could see this, you could cancel the craft, at a 50% cost of resources, and craft another to try and get to flawless or above quality.  I've tried to look in charles, but, it seems broke for me.  If anyone could find out if this is possible, that'd be awesome!

RE: Shop Heroes Posted on: 01/31/2016 12:36pm
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seems to be a hack-proof game, can't even find a hint of "working" hack anywhere in the net [lots of false advertising of supposed hacks, but nothing real]

RE: Shop Heroes Posted on: 02/03/2016 5:56am
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The blobfish master

I put in a little work snooping around CE seeing if i could find something out of the ordinary with the whole game. All i found was that you can change the value of gold (its a double*1) but its visual only, and resets if you try to purchase anything. That being said, i am not that much of a hacker... so i might be missing something obvious. Good luck to those of you who can actually hack!

RE: Shop Heroes Posted on: 09/08/2016 10:55am
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no hacks yet :l

RE: Shop Heroes Posted on: 09/08/2016 1:20pm
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a server sided and it well be hard to hack but like we said hope and goodluck to others who wants to crack it.