Learn how to use cheat engine and how to hack a game.

I really hope after learning how to use array of bytes i can hack more than just flash games...

Thanks this was really usefull

This was very helpful!yes

Great Tutorial! New to the whole thing, and this was pretty much as explicit and clear as it can get. Thx a bunch! heart

Thanks a lot for this tutorial, learned all that I need :)

Very helpful guide thank you. 

Great intro :)

This is quite a thorough tutorial on using Cheatengine, thank you so much for sharing!

Useful information, Thank you!

This is pretty useful but I'm having difficulties avoiding bans LOL

Awesome tutorial!

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And now I am well on my way to making up for my lack of skill in games :)

still work until now? lets find out. hope u re right.

Thanks for the faq .

Nice FAQ .. thanks for your work ... maybe it will help on several other games too :)