[Request] Battle Pirates.

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[Request] Battle Pirates.

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Battle Pirates

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Battle Pirates (request)

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Battle Pirates (BP) is a MMORTS - a Massively Multiplayer Online Real-Time Strategy game you can play through Facebook or directly on kixeye.com/game/battlepirates. It features real-time battles against other players in which you can attack bases or go head to head in Fleet vs. Fleet. The game includes a high level of strategy in constructing fleets, gathering resources, and researching new technologies. There is no pause or suspend button in BP -- it goes on and on and on
Re: [Request] Battle Pirates. Posted on: 03/02/2012 1:48am
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I have a theory that after you get banned once or twice, they have a list of ip addresses that they watch, or have a script that monitors ip addresses because I haven't gotten banned and I've done plenty of hacking..

And mrjerrysaw, I suggest you try fiddler, or if you're on windows 7/vista try running fiddler/charles as administrator.

I've >never< had any problems running my hacks that I couldn't get working, run as admin, different browsers, manually deleting the cache, nothing's working.

Is this the normal url for BP? I've been using replacement one for so long I've failed to notice, in all honesty. I can't start up my .swf, sad face.

The whole secure thing is new, and there is no /bfbg/game or whatever, they moved some stuff around. No idea how to get it to work myself, still playing with it.
Re: [Request] Battle Pirates. Posted on: 03/03/2012 4:29am
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Running normally via Chrome/Iron.
Had to update both, due latest Chromium source code update.

No clue if it is related, but yeah.
Re: [Request] Battle Pirates. Posted on: 03/03/2012 5:36am
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Thanks for the suggestion. I used fiddler and it worked. Just upgraded my from lv 20 to 23 any got banned. Vox, replied to carla abt blocking /ajax/apps/usage_update.php?__a=1 HTTP/1.1 and how to do this? I have opened another account and did some upgrade, still not banned
Re: [Request] Battle Pirates. Posted on: 03/03/2012 6:10am
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Is there any way to unban account?
Re: [Request] Battle Pirates. Posted on: 03/03/2012 7:02pm
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i wished jerrysaw i could still play if that were true, i spent lots of $$ on my main account and they wont even offer it back to me, others however have had theirs given back.... its just.. not fair... taxeye ... kixeye wahtever you call it blows.... i urge you all to rip them off, they sure ripped me.... i got an account stolen and hacked and i never even used it and they wouldnt give it back to me... it was a legit account no hacks used.... i'v seen them give other bases' and accounts back for less circumstance.... but the way i understood it is.... if i would narc these people out that put their heart in and soul into coding and editing.... then kixeye said they " extend condolences in this matter" and would "likely be more lenient" on my request if i were to tell them how the hack worked and such....   and im not even considering such action... its bullsnot... you guys here have been good to me, and spoon fed me every step of the way and got me interested in doing it myself... granted there has been a coding/language barrier for me but im learning slowly.... practice makes perfect... i've yet to even get ONE line of code to edit / compile / and work... but i still retain hope for i am always a student... thanks slow- for your help and others i will not mention... you know who you are... I've given up hope on Battlepirates... as vox said.. and am inclined to agree that they do have a "Watch list"
Re: [Request] Battle Pirates. Posted on: 03/04/2012 10:24pm
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Jerry, you gotta go at it slowly, to be extra safe you should limit leveling up to once a day, especially when you hit the 20's.

Using fiddler, to block specific addresses use the autoresponder and use 404_plain.dat, again I don't ever mess with charles because fiddler has always worked fine, so I'm unfamiliar if there's a similar process.
Gonna check in a minute and see if I can start using .swfs again, because the day before yesterday I was unable to use them.
Re: [Request] Battle Pirates. Posted on: 03/04/2012 10:38pm
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To fix the HTTPS problem I brought up earlier, goto your facebook settings, then security and turn off secure browsing. That'll fix everything.

Sorry for the false alarm, kixeye hasn't fixed shit. As usual.
Re: [Request] Battle Pirates. Posted on: 03/05/2012 2:47am
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Quote from: "ixxwxxi"
Anyone can pm me the link for battle pirates latest swf with the blueprints and heavy fleets

Try reading. There's only 1 available working .swf publicly out there. Look for it.
Re: [Request] Battle Pirates. Posted on: 03/05/2012 3:17am
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Hiya Vox

Not sure how to set the rules please check your pm to check my example please
Re: [Request] Battle Pirates. Posted on: 03/05/2012 10:14am
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Hi vox. Even my other account got banned  :cry: . I was in level 21 and without any hack. I didn't even level up, Just used the speed up for my outpost by 6 hours and got banned. Thank you soo much for ur suggestions.
Re: [Request] Battle Pirates. Posted on: 03/05/2012 10:22am
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And kixeye must be banning the account based on the bp points acquired each day. If you cross the max reachable bp point for the specific level in a single day then it will trigger alarm, coz I created new account and straight away upgraded to 14 level and was not banned but after that when I leveled up, then even my new account got banned. :shock:
Re: [Request] Battle Pirates. Posted on: 03/07/2012 6:31am
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seems like they have updated the game so the swf is no longer working
Re: [Request] Battle Pirates. Posted on: 03/13/2012 2:56pm
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This is auctually tropforts file I just went in and took out more of the loggers and checks. It still needs some work. but its on its way
  PM me for the SWF
Re: [Request] Battle Pirates. Posted on: 03/14/2012 1:11am
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Gonna test the .swf on a tester account to see if it's safe to use with rules set and whatnot.

To those who keep getting banned, I suggest using a proxy like I advised to those who messaged me. Either you're making it obvious you're hacking, or they have your ip addresses logged which is a possibility.
Re: [Request] Battle Pirates. Posted on: 03/14/2012 1:48am
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Ty Vox Before i edited out the loggers and checks I got banned. I have yet to be banned so far but then again I lvl slow and only use it to repair and get res and speed up upgrades only if the upgrades are only a few hours from being done. There are more loggers but i haven't figured out how to disable them without effecting the game or not being able to compile it back to a swf file. I got 90% of them. I got all the checks that i could find.

On Another Note: I'm a noob coder. I can read most of the code but have a hard time editing to make it do what i want. Slowmo has been helping me off and on when i have a problem i ask him but recently he hasn't been around. Anyone willing to take me under their wing to teach me. It would be greatly appreciated.