[Request] Battle Pirates.

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[Request] Battle Pirates.

Last Updated: 10/06/2017 09:29

Battle Pirates

Last Updated: 01/02/2015 00:57

Battle Pirates (request)

Last Updated: 12/17/2010 03:15

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Battle Pirates (BP) is a MMORTS - a Massively Multiplayer Online Real-Time Strategy game you can play through Facebook or directly on kixeye.com/game/battlepirates. It features real-time battles against other players in which you can attack bases or go head to head in Fleet vs. Fleet. The game includes a high level of strategy in constructing fleets, gathering resources, and researching new technologies. There is no pause or suspend button in BP -- it goes on and on and on
Re: [Request] Battle Pirates. Posted on: 08/24/2012 10:55pm
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Me just learnt how to do instant repair, upgrade and building.
Btw goodknife, its not really helping him, to know with which program you need to use.
the harder part is find the vars that u need to edit (broken image removed) (tip go to com > waterworld > entites / datastore, that's where all data is (broken image removed) )
RE: [Request] Battle Pirates. Posted on: 03/31/2013 7:19pm
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TIM the Enchanter
Level: 1
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Holy Shit, 113 pages...

Maybe I need to condense the paging system... :P

Everything's coming up KongHack!

"When you know nothing matters, the universe is yours" ~Rick Sanchez

RE: [Request] Battle Pirates. Posted on: 07/21/2013 7:45am
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any new cheats for this game?thanks...

RE: [Request] Battle Pirates. Posted on: 08/23/2013 9:20am
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There is still two guys who release for free, Superfreak and Knightmaire  this is Superfreaks's version

This release includes:-
1, Instant Build. Ships and buildings.
2, Instant Upgrade. Ships and buildings.
3, Instant Research. Ships and buildings.
4, Instant Repair. Ships only.
5, Low XP.

Download link


Download link

AS ABOVE BUT WITH Instant Resources

Download link

1 Coin Hack Only

Download link

RE: [Request] Battle Pirates. Posted on: 07/30/2014 1:30pm
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Anyone know about any working SWF's hacks or .lua hacks for Battle pirates?I surfed all the pages of this topic but all the links are broken.I have a .lua file but this error keeps popping up when I try to execute it

BEGIN ======================================= 
charge - Not Found 
Error:[string "-- HACKS START LINE 70, TURN THEM OFF BY AD..."]:51: attempt to compare number with nil

Can anyone help?

RE: [Request] Battle Pirates. Posted on: 07/30/2014 3:17pm
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The Unity Apprentice

Woah 113 pages and zero hacks. That's amazing :O

RE: [Request] Battle Pirates. Posted on: 07/31/2014 4:21pm
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lol there are so many pages already 113, people have been talking here maybe? I will try to play this game if I have no energy in yu-gi-oh bam :)

Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM

RE: [Request] Battle Pirates. Posted on: 10/26/2014 1:44pm
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Would like to raise it up again. Does anyone release the freebies? If not, what would be the price for the .swf working for at least a couple of hours?:D 
I know i was using hellion's work a long time back, but he doesnt release anymore (not to public anyway).

I'm not in a big need really, as i aint been playing for the past 3 years (my kid was born and had no time for playing), but recently i started a new account in Kongragate. And i'd like to boost a bit my base defences:)

So, anyone?:)))

RE: [Request] Battle Pirates. Posted on: 10/28/2014 12:47pm
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Same here Golden also looking for any freebies that are going :) All donations greatfully appreciated :)

RE: [Request] Battle Pirates. Posted on: 10/31/2014 9:40am
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Is this good? i find some game to play now :(

RE: [Request] Battle Pirates. Posted on: 11/04/2014 2:06pm
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Bumping like a very bumpy thing :D

RE: [Request] Battle Pirates. Posted on: 11/14/2014 11:10pm
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LOL can we get a hack for this? I don't want a discussion xD

RE: [Request] Battle Pirates. Posted on: 10/06/2017 9:29am
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hi guys. Do we have something about this game. I just started. ty
also can someone send me any hack of the game because i cant dowloaded from mediafire. nikolas2000m@yahoo.com.
Thank you in advance