Kingdom Rush
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Hacks & Cheats
Below is our list of available Hacks & Cheats for Kingdom Rush
Hack Author Votes Date
Rapid fire towers 131 04/10/2012
Instant spell cooldowns 109 04/10/2012
Buying adds money 98 05/10/2013
More starting money 75 06/13/2013
Gain life instead of losing 60 05/10/2013
1hko enemies 54 09/10/2015
Trainer unlock supporter pack 50 12/25/2014
Trainer The only way I can tolerate going through this overrated pos 50 12/25/2014
Gold/Upgrades 44 12/26/2012
Dead enemies spawning -9 05/11/2013
Gold at start -18 05/11/2013
Trainer Purchasing stuff adds and doubles the money -39 06/19/2016
1-shot kill *VIEW DESCRIPTION! -44 12/18/2014

SOL Files / Save Games
Save Author Date
All campaign, heroic, and iron mode challenges completed on normal difficulty. Hero unlocked, all skill trees invested except bombard and spells. 11/05/2012
60 stars: All campaign, heroic, and iron mode challenges completed on Hard difficulty. 09/18/2013

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