[Suggestion] Hack Presets
Wouldn't it be great to open up a game, and have all desired hacks one click away?
Hack Presets Posted on: 10/27/2016 2:12am
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This idea came from SAS 4, where there are many hacks, and it can be a pain when you only want certain ones and have to dive through the list to get them. 

I was thinking a hack preset could be added to KHUT, for all games. 

You would simply click a button, then KHUT would say "Please select desired preset hacks", or something, and you choose them and hit ok. Then it asks for you to name your preset, and voila, you have a preset you can choose, which when selected, will automatically select whatever hacks you assigned to it.

I was thinking of two options between the actual hacks, and the chosen process. "New Preset" and a drop down "Presets." Simple yet extremely useful.

This is just an idea of mine, but I think many people would enjoy something like this to be in place.

EDIT: To whoever moved this into the correct spot, thx

RE: Hack Presets Posted on: 10/27/2016 10:22am
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this is an interesting concept, and i can see how it would be useful. im just not too sure if theres enough demand for something like this though. the vast majority of games in our database have 6 hacks or less. im sure if the community grows along with the hack database, this will probably become a thing in the future but for now i just dont see it happening.

also kadat is super swamped and working like 60hours a week, so the trainer isnt getting any kind of update anytime soon.

thank you for the suggestion though. its always nice when people bring new ideas to the table

RE: Hack Presets Posted on: 12/05/2016 11:33pm
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Oh, hey...

Indeed, this is somewhat an interesting topic to me. TNC is right that a vast majority of games in the database have ~6 hacks, but however, there are games with a shitload of hacks with some to numerous patched ones. It forces you to scroll through the hack list to find the ones that work accompanied by loads of non - working hacks, or just hacks you want to use. I agree that it would a pain in the ass to do for most users, and I see why such a suggestion would be suggested.

I don't care, I only use the trainer to test my hacks :P






RE: Hack Presets Posted on: 01/17/2017 7:16am
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I'd love to see this feature in the trainer. Maybe one day we'll see it in future releases.

RE: Hack Presets Posted on: 01/17/2017 2:19pm
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I would love to see this. I was having the same issue with Zombidle the other day. There are 15+ hacks and only about 6 that I use and every time I have to load KHUT up I have to re-select all of them. 


RE: Hack Presets Posted on: 01/19/2017 2:45pm
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What if, instead of a preset, there is a "Favourite hacks" button/list added, akin to the "Fav'd Games". That way we, the end users can still be responsible for maintaining our own list of working hacks, without the ubiquitous "Itz no werk!!!"...

RE: Hack Presets Posted on: 06/21/2017 6:52am
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Presets would be awesome, no longer needing to scroll down to find the hack you wanna use. 
For instance in SAS you can make a preset to make you character nearly unkillable, and a second preset to get a crazy amount of rewards. 
Totally support this idea

RE: Hack Presets Posted on: 08/19/2017 9:13am
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this would help filter out those hacks that dont work for the site your playing on

RE: Hack Presets Posted on: 08/19/2017 1:41pm
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Yeah, you're not getting this any time soon.

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