[Request] Battle Pirates.

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[Request] Battle Pirates.

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Battle Pirates

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Battle Pirates (request)

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Game Dscription
Battle Pirates (BP) is a MMORTS - a Massively Multiplayer Online Real-Time Strategy game you can play through Facebook or directly on kixeye.com/game/battlepirates. It features real-time battles against other players in which you can attack bases or go head to head in Fleet vs. Fleet. The game includes a high level of strategy in constructing fleets, gathering resources, and researching new technologies. There is no pause or suspend button in BP -- it goes on and on and on
Re: [Request] Battle Pirates. Posted on: 12/21/2011 10:21pm
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well, he helped me and i was grateful for it as i don't know how to find the codes my self.... (broken image removed)
Re: [Request] Battle Pirates. Posted on: 12/21/2011 11:55pm
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AoB 1:
66 B7 01 d2 90
66 B7 01 d2 02

AoB 2:
66 B7 01 d2 a1
66 B7 01 d2 a0

Chances are if it stops working the next day, change B7 to B6. It seems to switch between those. Enjoy.

Edit: I'm gonna post these every once in a while if it changes from flip flopping B7 to B6 and vice versa, that's a big if. I've tested these out, and they work. If they don't work, you did something wrong. If you don't think you did, refresh your battle pirates and restart CE, and re-check the RES 1 and 2. Make sure you do that before doing anything on BP, as I've found that doing something relevant to the hack (Such as building a ship, canceling and turning on instant ship build bugs the ship build hack and I have to restart) will prevent the hack from working till you refresh. HOPEFULLY slowmo will send me links to tutorials as I don't have the time in the day to search through over 30 pages. I play BP and get on here in my SPARE TIME, meaning I don't have much of it, so hopefully he'll send me those links. Once he does so, I'll try and help others.

If you need some BASIC help with using AoBs with CE I'll help, such as "Do you have a template to use with CE for using AoEs?" I don't have links to credit the guy who showed me, but I will send them to you via pm if you ask. I will also give basic instructions describing how to update your AoEs. I WILL NOT DO IT MORE THAN ONCE. Doing it myself is a pain in the neck, almost every day and once I switch to using swfs I will never use or post about AoEs again.

Re: [Request] Battle Pirates. Posted on: 12/22/2011 12:30am
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thank you Vox, i appreciate your help!!
Re: [Request] Battle Pirates. Posted on: 12/22/2011 3:00pm
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Ok I am haven't really read any of the hacks here since I like finding my own but here is my list so far. I keep them in script form so you might have trouble reading out the exact changes but its not to hard. Or you could just use the script by loading Table > Show Cheat Table Lua Script in CE 6.1.

The benefit is I also keep my notes of where the hack was found in the script as well. This will allow other aob hackers to mimic the work on future versions which helps because just yesterday I had to refind the hacks 4 times. And they may already be out of date when reading this although I did just check them.

They require that you speed hack 0 before game loads when executing the script.

List of hacks found in script
Disable Hack Check
Disable Hack Logging 1
Disable Hack Logging 2
All Resource gain gives MAX
All Charge() = Fund()
Instant Build (dont have one for the base defense guns yet working on it)
Instant Ship Build
Instant Upgrade & Fortify
Instant Research
Auto-Upgrade Lv2+ (this instantly maxes any building level 2 or above)
Auto-Fortify (instantly maxes fortify on everything)
Ship Parts Cost 1 (r1)
Ship Parts Cost 1 (r2)
Ship Parts Cost 1 (r3)
Ship Parts Cost 1 (r4)
RISKY HACKS Once used if you build illegal ships or ones you dont have real blueprints for, you must NEVER load the game without hacks or risk instant hack detection. Best to recycle ships before logging off.
All Blueprints Any blueprint parts you have will be completed permanently, but BPs you have none of can only be used when hack is active.
Weapons & Special Weighs 1 when ship building
Armor Weighs 1 when ship building

Note: Don't use the BASE LOAD HACKS section when attacking someone elses base. It just crashes when their base is loaded.

Edit: for those that download my script and want Instant Turret Build just add the following line to the script
Code: [Select]
hack("Instant Turret Build","d0 66 f1 0c 24","10 06 00 00") -- BuildingGenericTower > Tick() jump over the test for if (this.turretBuildTimeRemaining <= 0)
Re: [Request] Battle Pirates. Posted on: 12/22/2011 5:50pm
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how can i use that with fiddler ?
Re: [Request] Battle Pirates. Posted on: 12/22/2011 5:57pm
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Quote from: "beboD"
how can i use that with fiddler ?

OMG really? Fiddler is a tool that messes with packets. The information sent between your computer and the server. These are meant for Cheat Engine. A tool that modifies the data stored in your computers memory. Since the game is downloaded and stored into memory when the pages is loaded, and because Kixeye cant program a secure mmo if their collective lives depended on it, we are able to modify the bytes stores in memory to effectively change the games code. No more stupid questions!
Re: [Request] Battle Pirates. Posted on: 12/22/2011 6:07pm
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sorry .. i cant translate any thing ... OUT OF AREA , what are u talking about lol  (broken image removed)
Re: [Request] Battle Pirates. Posted on: 12/22/2011 6:26pm
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I see... Maybe this will help.



Arabic:   (broken image removed)(broken image removed)   
Chinese (Simplified):   ??   
Chinese (Traditional):   ??   
Czech:   blbec   
Danish:   idiot; t
Re: [Request] Battle Pirates. Posted on: 12/22/2011 6:32pm
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Kiss my ass ... i am new , idk about those shits
Re: [Request] Battle Pirates. Posted on: 12/22/2011 6:35pm
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whoa. Thanks Gyan.

That's to be used with CE (see why CT/lua creation helps, kids?) not fiddler/charles/etc.
Re: [Request] Battle Pirates. Posted on: 12/22/2011 7:23pm
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looks like they already updated the game I'll refind the hacks and repost the lua script asap.
Re: [Request] Battle Pirates. Posted on: 12/22/2011 7:30pm
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I suggest you wait a while. they are cleansing the leaderboards and probably will do even more updates as they go by.
Re: [Request] Battle Pirates. Posted on: 12/22/2011 8:07pm
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to late I already found them, I also added another hack
200 Map Speed

did notice they added a new blueprint weapon that does no damage but acts as anti-mortar.

here is the updated script.

Since I'm feeling generous here is how to use it one more time to hopefully avoid the question.
1) Open CHEAT ENGINE 6.1
2) Select the correct process and you can find out how in the tutorials section I'm sure.
3) Open the Table menu at the top and choose Show Cheat Table Lua Script.
4) Load the lua file I've attached in a zip or just copy it and paste it into the Lua script: Cheat Table window.
5) Click the Enable Speedhack box in the Cheat Engine main window and enter 0 and click Apply.
6) Refresh the game's browser window.
7) When it freezes while loading, click Execute Script in the Lua script: Cheat Table window.
(broken image removed) Wait for the output window to say Done. Make sure the other lines all said Enabled.
9) Uncheck the Enable Speedhack box.

Edit: Zip removed. See my next post for new version.
Re: [Request] Battle Pirates. Posted on: 12/22/2011 8:11pm
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thx, will give it a go! Tried the last one now without seeing your update and that just froze the game. Awesome, thanks bud
Re: [Request] Battle Pirates. Posted on: 12/23/2011 6:15am
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1 more update, this time I tried to make most of them survive small version updates. I'll probably make 1 more version tomorrow when I get to work but off to bed for now.

Edit: Removed zip latest version next page.