[Request] Battle Pirates.

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[Request] Battle Pirates.

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Battle Pirates

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Battle Pirates (request)

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Battle Pirates (BP) is a MMORTS - a Massively Multiplayer Online Real-Time Strategy game you can play through Facebook or directly on kixeye.com/game/battlepirates. It features real-time battles against other players in which you can attack bases or go head to head in Fleet vs. Fleet. The game includes a high level of strategy in constructing fleets, gathering resources, and researching new technologies. There is no pause or suspend button in BP -- it goes on and on and on
Re: [Request] Battle Pirates. Posted on: 01/14/2012 12:51am
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Quote from: "Iam"
Working great now, thanx. now a quick question to make sure I read your instructions correct- If I do not want something to work- i.e. Instant Build- I change TRUE to FALSE?
Yes but lower case
Re: [Request] Battle Pirates. Posted on: 01/14/2012 12:51am
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Quote from: "Gyan1010"
Ok looks like I was right with the 32-bit and 64-bit needing different codes.

My original version worked on my 32-bit work computer, a 32-bit Virtual machine, and another posters 32-bit windows 7, but not my windows 7 64-bit at home.

I reran the encryption however and have a 64-bit version now though. Both versions are included in this post but the 32-bit is disabled by default. To switch to the 32-bit version just remove -- on its line and add it to the 64-bit line.

Let me know if this one works for you guys.
Still just a normal SWF right? (broken image removed) As in no Dracs?

Don't feel like creating a new FB to test if it is. Just curious =)
Re: [Request] Battle Pirates. Posted on: 01/14/2012 12:53am
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also hate to keep asking questions- but what does this command do-
Always valid ship design

And is there a way to turn off the awards from the revenge raids? Just looking for BPs not something as flagrantly out there as something I didn't win.
Re: [Request] Battle Pirates. Posted on: 01/14/2012 12:59am
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At times I've seen a drac special called "destroyer".  I've tried adding it and it said "invalid ship design".  My best guess is that if you try to make a ship with specials or weapons you don't have you'll see that message as well. Looks like with Gyan's help you can now.
Re: [Request] Battle Pirates. Posted on: 01/14/2012 1:00am
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I've had reports that certain combinations of true false cause an error but I cannot repeat this. Either way though its probably due to some of my code I added to speed things up a tiny bit when you turn certain ones off. I'll remove that extra code next version but for now I think its good.

This is not an swf its a script. And it does have the Battlecruiser and Battleship as well.

@ Iam
Always valid ship design is really kind of outdated now that I think of it. It was used to get "destroyer" special on ships. But as I mentioned in a previous post I dont think this does anything and its not even a real blueprint. Since I took out the hack that gives you "destroyer" I should probably take that one out too.

There is a way to only get the normal BPs but I would have to break apart my hack into 2 sections. No plans on that right now though.
Re: [Request] Battle Pirates. Posted on: 01/14/2012 1:05am
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Gyan1010 I'm running your script for BP and when i go in it gives me all the blueprints and sends a message that i just completed it (49 of them) and goes into a loop of the messages. I cant click on anything.
Re: [Request] Battle Pirates. Posted on: 01/14/2012 1:44am
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should have read my message the 1st time I posted the new script. Its permanent BPs so you use the code, click a building to get them all. Then turn off that hack, refresh the browser and apply everything but that one from then on.

I had to put the code somewhere and since I didnt compile a custom swf like others, I cant increase the size of any of the functions. So I choose a large function like the one that gets called when you click a building, and replaced it with custom code to get all blueprints. Get it?
Re: [Request] Battle Pirates. Posted on: 01/14/2012 1:53am
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Gyan1010 u r the best man i cant thank you enough , but i wanna tell "destroyer" was work fine with me it is real u can say when u raid a base with 5 FF and just i get 22 % damage in the hole entire fleet and when i fight a fleet same as my fleet with weapons and armor i i win that is mean it is working , i was so upset when i knew that u took it off , i wish if u can get it back .
by the way Gyan we can use the new Lua script to get all the blue print and then close everything and then open the old one and build ships and everything with it i know that the one before this one was having one problem about raiding base u can not use during base raid but it is ok

i my point of view the Destroyer was the most important BP coz no one will have it unless they use this Script and u can raid any base with no worries

and again i wanna thank you for u hard work mate .
Re: [Request] Battle Pirates. Posted on: 01/14/2012 2:07am
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I tend to agree the "Destroyer" was working. I noticed I was lasting longer with it in a fight.
Re: [Request] Battle Pirates. Posted on: 01/14/2012 2:20am
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I'm really tired so it my be me screwing up but I'm still getting ,

[Window Title]

[string "local script = string.dump(function()..."]:163: attempt to concatenate global 'allBPs' (a nil value)


This happens when I change "true" to "false" for the permanent blueprints. What am I doing wrong? 32 bit by the way.
Re: [Request] Battle Pirates. Posted on: 01/14/2012 2:25am
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ok I'm now considering editing out the part that might cause that error septaric, even though they shouldn't be causing it anyway. But before I do, I want to make sure you are using this by itself right? Or are you trying to combine an swf replacement with my script?
Re: [Request] Battle Pirates. Posted on: 01/14/2012 2:29am
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I'm just using the one script and nothing else. I ran it and then turned the cheat off. I then changed it from "true" to "false"(PB). I then started the script and refreshed the browser. I then get the error message while it's injecting.
Re: [Request] Battle Pirates. Posted on: 01/14/2012 2:49am
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sorry normally i read through it all but this time i did not process that part.
Re: [Request] Battle Pirates. Posted on: 01/14/2012 5:01am
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is it possible and if, where, to change the map speed.... 600 is too much attention
Re: [Request] Battle Pirates. Posted on: 01/14/2012 5:04am
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an adjustable speed would be nice if that's possible. I got several comments about an orange blur. LOL it was my HH.