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[Request] Zombidle!
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Launch Trainer!
Idle Mouse Only Upgrades Zombie

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Last Updated: 09/12/2018 15:36

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Game Dscription
ZombIdle, a free online Strategy game brought to you by Armor Games. Like the song says, good guys finish last, and in this case, they also finish homeless and on fire. Join up with Bob our local Necromancer and his cohort of evil buddies to raise some proverbial and litteral hell across the kingdom of... Good... land... Goodlandia... yeah, that's what we're going with. Use all your evilitude ruin these poor fella's day and establish yourself as the baddest of all the badasses in your corner of the fiery pit of hell. And if you think that doing that isn't evil enough, how about some corporate management abuse? Con your monsters into doing your work for you so you can sit back and reap the reward of their labor.
RE: Zombidle! Posted on: 08/19/2017 6:56pm
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Oh, hey...
Gower Posted on: 08/13/2017 10:39am

I am trying to use the KH trainer, but whenever I click hack, it always says failed. What am I supposed to do?

   Just make sure you choose the right process of the game. Also make sure to apply hacks as the game loads if the hacks are writable. I'm sure you already know how to get the process ID of the flash player. If not, look it up. Its simple.


RE: Zombidle! Posted on: 09/06/2017 12:20am
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Hey guys! Does anybody could hack the currency of this event?

RE: Zombidle! Posted on: 10/29/2017 9:47pm
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ty for the cheats but some of them does not working :( hope its updated

RE: Zombidle! Posted on: 02/02/2018 1:51am
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most of em isnt working now

RE: Zombidle! Posted on: 02/02/2018 10:38am
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Anybody knows of a way to lower the highest level reached? (For the event)

RE: Zombidle! Posted on: 03/10/2018 3:27pm
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xipxipxip Posted on: 02/02/2018 10:38am

Anybody knows of a way to lower the highest level reached? (For the event)

Since this is saved to the server I do not think it is possible. Your best bet is making the Monsters cheaper/stronger. You could also just lower the price of the event items.

RE: Zombidle! Posted on: 03/22/2018 12:45am
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wow nice to see someone updated new hacks

RE: Zombidle! Posted on: 04/22/2018 7:14pm
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What's the hack that prevents deals from appearing? I cant seem to get any

RE: Zombidle! Posted on: 06/11/2018 8:15pm
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is it possible to fix the spam villagers hack and make it work again? it would have awesome synergy with the new diamonds are forever hack for diamond production...

RE: Zombidle! Posted on: 09/12/2018 3:36pm
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Working hacks in Konghack ultratrainer:
-kill minions for diamonds.
-infinite devil buff time
-chest and shard price never go up
-bob is always asleep
-hover mouse over vilagers to kill them.
-speedhack in CE(if you want to speed up craft timer)
Rest not working for me.