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[Information] Marvel Avengers Alliance Mega Thread
Marvel: Avengers Alliance Cheats - a collection of cheat codes, unlocks, passwords, commands, tricks, tips, lists (Facebook version)
RE: marvel avengers alliance Posted on: 11/28/2014 5:06pm
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qwerty123zzz Posted on: 11/28/2014 12:03pm
haldiz Posted on: 11/28/2014 11:25am

Whats weird..
Second option in Fe'Eb Den'roc banish. It is available only if another piece of hunter set is there and agent health is above 60%. it kills one enemy when applied, but agent dies along.

With AOE attack using brandon's tool, all enemies dies unless someone dodges. Ofcourse agent also dies.


OMG i test it Thanks for share the knoweldge .

what can help me to go first?
Fe'Eb Den'roc i win 90% battles in pvp......i only need something to attack first

Try combat communicator. Agent will try to go first

RE: marvel avengers alliance Posted on: 11/29/2014 3:11pm
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thank you very much

RE: marvel avengers alliance Posted on: 11/29/2014 5:37pm
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The Corned Beef scroll is excellent in pvp with aoe hack, yes. I farmed it early in the spec ops for just that reason, but sadly it did not work in pvp until the last week or so.

Here's a little guide on how best to use it:

Agent Gear

You want to set your agent up to either get early turns or make sure that he has a high survivability. You also want to make sure that your Banish attack hits all enemies.

But keep in mind you will only be able to bring 2 optional items, since the scroll takes up 1 slot and you MUST have at least 1 other piece of the hunter set in order to activate the Banish attack. I will suggest some good choices here:

Blaster armor (any) with Phased Frequencies e-iso: The scroll already has 100% chance to hit, and with the e-iso, not even cube or phased effects  can avoid being hit. Miss chance is almost non-existant with this setup.

- Empowered Tactician armor with Snappy Service e-iso is also an option, since you can then bring a healing item like the Staff of Asklepios and heal yourself as a quick action in case you drop below 60% health before you can use the scroll. But then you lose phased frequencies and synthetic cube becomes a problem.

Savant Spear adds a shield to your agent from the start of the match, increasing your survivability (highly recommended, you need to make sure your agent is above 60% health)

Sattelite Support ignores distraction and disorient effects (highly recommended since the AI will often use Blackest Void on your team in the first round, giving you a 50% chance to hit your own team with the scroll which is instant game over for you)

Guardian Insignia gives your agent Survival Training, reduces damage taken by 50% while above 80% health (highly recommended, you need to make sure your agent is above 60% health)

Synthetic Cube / Hex Wand for survivability (20% dodge chance)

Scroll of Angolob to remove possible debuffs that might cause you to not be able to hit/attack

Combat Communicator to give your agent a higher chance of going first in combat

Mystic to avoid nasty debuffs in the first round

Fist of the Colossus immune to many dots and gives high crit resistance

Basically any piece of gear that increases your chance of not getting hit or to take reduced damage will be your ally here. The goal is to simply ensure that your agent stays above 60% by the time it is your turn, use whatever you have to achieve this.

Supporting heroes

You need to team your agent up with heroes that can help him stay alive and help him gain extra turns so he can use the scroll asap. The later your agent gets to take his turn, the greater the chance that he will be dead or too low on health to use the Banish function.

Iron Fist is excellent because he can prevent follow-up attacks from enemy heroes, he can heal your agent and provide debuff immunity.

Nico Minoru / Cable are good supporting heroes because both of them can grant your agent an instant free turn in the first round. I prefer Nico since she is also hard to kill, and tends to be targetted by the AI. An alternative is Dr. Voodoo, but the problem with him is that he can't grant extra turns until round 2.

Storm with her e-iso, gives entire team 50% dodge chance from the start of combat, good survivability chances

Falcon provides Survival Training to your agent and the rest of the team, same effect as the guardian insignia and a pretty solid team up 

Groot / Wonderman / Colossus (with alt suit) auto protects against attacks from start of combat, but many stealthy attackers (like Quicksilver) bypass them so they are unreliable, but a decent choice if you lack other heroes

Quick Silver or Cpt. America with the Skull Thumper e-iso and Knocking A-iso equipped. Both of these heroes will take first turns (cpt. America needs his E-iso to do this). 10% stun chance plus incapacitation on the whole enemy team gives a decent chance of them losing turns, but is unreliable and should only be used if the above options are not available to you.

Dr. Doom starts combat by applying cower to the whole enemy team every round, 20% chance that their attacks will fail. Not too bad if you lack the other heroes

She-Hulk Skirn with store bought e-iso (30 gold) has a pretty high chance of preventing enemy attacks right from the start of combat but is expensive and unreliable, again a last-resort choice

RE: marvel avengers alliance Posted on: 11/29/2014 8:38pm
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Your (mostly) friendly neighborhood MAA-Mod

you forgot about gamora.
she is the single best hero to add to this strategy because her deadly presence adds true strike to all attacks.

RE: marvel avengers alliance Posted on: 11/30/2014 2:49am
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Gamora isn't the worst to bring, sure, but apart from True Strike she adds nothing useful to a beef scroll build though. And even her True Strike is pretty moot. Here's why:

1. The Fe'eb Den'Roc is catastrophic. It has guaranteed hit already (except phased and etheral, hence phased frequencies e-iso), True Strike is only needed if you don't want to use phased frequencies.

Phased Frequencies does everything Gamora does and then some (it also ignores phased, ethereal and incorporeal, True Strike does not). Plus phased frequencies only costs 10 gold, Gamora costs 90 CP and then you need to level her up first or she will die instantly in every fight (if you don't have her already, ofc).

Although in your defense, running phased frequencies means you have to use a blaster suit which can be very dangerous with so many tacticians on defense teams. But with a good survival setup and extra turns it's rarely an issue, especially if you bring Nico who tends to be a much higher target priority by the AI than your blaster agent. Ofc Nico is a whopping 200 CP cost if you don't already have her, so yeah...

2. Gamora's Knowhere to Hide (if you have her guardian suit) only works on other Guardians of the Galaxy suits. So your agent only benefits from it if you have Guardian Insignia equipped, and any other hero you have along who is not a GOTG benefits nothing from it at all. Besides, the only member of you team that you really need to attack with is your agent. Many high rating adamantium teams run heroes and equipment that will counter-attack you a lot, so you really want to avoid attacking unless you have heroes with stealthy attacks (which makes no sense in a beef scroll build since you aren't looking to deal damage, you just want to fire off the scroll and insta-win)

Gamora isn't a *bad* choice. But I'd rather throw in another hero that can give my agent faster turns and better survival chances. Making the scroll hit is the easiest part, you really don't need to sacrifice a hero slot for that. Surviving and staying above 60% health is the real challenge once you get into high adamantium rating where every team will close to 1shot your weak cheater teams ;)

RE: marvel avengers alliance Posted on: 11/30/2014 3:24am
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Holy ******************** Why is this game so popular?

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RE: marvel avengers alliance Posted on: 11/30/2014 10:32pm
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Because it's an incredibly well-designed and fun game. If it was ever programmed as a real game and not a facebook gimmick, I'd buy it and start over gladly.

RE: marvel avengers alliance Posted on: 12/01/2014 1:18am
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A game that started being created only for promoting the movie Avengers and I thought I would be descontinuado after 3 months ago, took popularity, and today, after many days has come to the day of 1000 days since the launch of The Avengers. still no celebrating gift........

RE: marvel avengers alliance Posted on: 12/01/2014 4:38am
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Your (mostly) friendly neighborhood MAA-Mod

it will probably become even more popular after the new movie

RE: marvel avengers alliance Posted on: 12/01/2014 7:30am
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take it easy

Hello Hello, is there anyone here that achieves claim the 350 gifts with f5 trick? If so, does it manually with macros or any script?

I have managed to claim the 350 2 times, could someone please show me a 100% effective method for this?
broken heart

I revel in my anonymity. But when I'm at a specific event and gamers are there, they'll recognise me.

RE: marvel avengers alliance Posted on: 12/01/2014 5:05pm
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Ahssherder Posted on: 12/01/2014 2:30am

Hello Hello, is there anyone here that achieves claim the 350 gifts with f5 trick? If so, does it manually with macros or any script?

I have managed to claim the 350 2 times, could someone please show me a 100% effective method for this?
broken heart

i claim 200+ ,250+.......using coowoon 1.5.3 in ingognito mode and murgee autoclicker

(line breaks work wonders)

RE: marvel avengers alliance Posted on: 12/01/2014 10:07pm
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what is cyper monday ? any one knows ? its new thing in the game.

RE: marvel avengers alliance Posted on: 12/02/2014 1:08am
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Your (mostly) friendly neighborhood MAA-Mod

cyber monday much like black friday is a holiday sale.
black friday sales usually take place in-store, where on cyber monday the sales take place oniline.
however i see the cyber/marvel monday banner for MAA, but have no idea what it is advertising.

RE: marvel avengers alliance Posted on: 12/02/2014 1:26am
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why would u even need to cheat in pvp?just use feb den roc combined with chalice of souls...
ur agent and the opponent will get banished and ur agent will come back in next round,even if he has despair.its a nice bug.

RE: marvel avengers alliance Posted on: 12/02/2014 1:33am
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the "cyber monday" sale on marvel is on all the old heroes offered in previous PVP battles users might not of been able to win.. unsure the rates or such cause I luckily already got an bought them from previous chances for command points an such.. right now I am fairly close to the lockbox hero an I know I can try an force level myself within PVP to get the other if I have to.. but its the other 5 old lockbox heroes I didn't get or have a chance of getting that is lacking within my hero collection right now.. lol.. but answer to your question is within the first statement I made.. hope that cleared it up though