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Requesting hacks
Realm Grinder 8.0 / 10
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Clicker Idle Incremental Mouse Only Upgrades

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Title Member Timestamp Overall Score
RG a great idle game 12/18/2015 8
Realm Grinder: Good enough for one sitting Playthrough. 06/19/2016 6
Realm Grinder Review 03/19/2016 10

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Realm Grinder

Requesting hacks
Last Updated: 10/21/2017 12:26


Call of Legends

  Earn 30 trophies

Prestigious Prospects

  Acquire 5,000 gems

Game Dscription
Realm Grinder, a free online Adventure game brought to you by Armor Games. Fancy being a benevolent king or a cruel tyrant? Choose an alignment between Good and Evil and form alliances with multiple races such as fairies, elves, angels, goblins, undead and demons in order to improve your coin output. Click to harvest your treasure, build your almighty empire, unleash your magic upon the land and be the richest ruler of the realm! You will unlock new upgrades and spells by achieving certain goals such as as building a certain amount of structures, clicking treasure enough times, casting spells or grinding hours of gameplay. Some requirements will remain unlocked through sessions, but most will not. Each faction gets access to unique spells, perks and upgrades which will shape your gameplay in different ways, from very active to almost completely idle based. You may ally with a single faction during each game session: faction alliances will be reset when you abdicate, allowing you to switch alignments and affiliations. When you are satisfied with your rulership and wish to restart your adventure, press the Abdicate button in the Options tab. Doing so will convert all your coins, buildings and upgrades into Gems, which will boost your next session’s overall production. All trophies along with some stats will be saved and recorded throughout sessions, resulting in better bonuses. Collect trophies to improve the output of your Halls of Legends, the most expensive - but potentially the most efficient! - building available in the game.
RE: Realm Grinder Posted on: 03/10/2017 11:35pm
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They finally broke Feliz Navidad: CrossMashup. When you use it now everything goes bonkers visually, and you can't click on anything. Could the hack be updated, cause it worked right up till this new update, and it was very useful. Thanks.

RE: Realm Grinder Posted on: 03/11/2017 5:25pm
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Ubi Maior Minor Cessat

No idea what feliz navidad did or how it did it. Wasted most of the day re-analyzing/mapping the game. Made a very handy tax collect hack and 'updated' the old cheap buildings hack but it didn't turn out right (it's explained in the hack note that can be read with the khut). If any of you happen to come near me and want to treat me to a beer or hot meal I'd appreciate it a lot 

RE: Realm Grinder Posted on: 04/23/2017 2:13pm
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Ubi Maior Minor Cessat

Tax collect hack is broken right now. It kinda breaks the game visually.

The new research hack let's you buy all the unlocked researches you want. Or I should say it would if the game wasn't so poorly done. Still works mostly

RE: Realm Grinder Posted on: 04/28/2017 9:10pm
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Thanks for the quick update share

RE: Realm Grinder Posted on: 07/10/2017 7:42pm
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Just a quick question, the save editor that is the I think the easy way to gain several itens, i cant make it to get much gold, since apears that have a limit of how much gold i can imput there, is there a way to overpass this limit?

RE: Realm Grinder Posted on: 07/20/2017 8:31am
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The new update broke the tax collect hack.

RE: Realm Grinder Posted on: 07/20/2017 10:03am
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I think its more easy to use save editor if you want to cheats something common.......
And use cheat engines to hack something that not on save editor website....
well... thats it....

RE: Realm Grinder Posted on: 07/20/2017 8:24pm
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I tried that but it didn't work either, it said the code was wrong when I tried to import it

RE: Realm Grinder Posted on: 07/21/2017 7:52pm
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How much gold are you trying to enter KosMos2020? I just checked it out and it worked fine for me without issue... It seems to have a set format that is slightly different from ingame.

Also, anyone know was LS_is_out_to_get_player means exactly? I certainly felt that this was true, but I'm terrified that there is a checkbox for it... and that it was checked.

RE: Realm Grinder Posted on: 10/21/2017 9:31am
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Dude can you fix the Tax collector hack?

What is better - to be born good, or to overcome your evil nature through great effort?


RE: Realm Grinder Posted on: 10/21/2017 12:26pm
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Ubi Maior Minor Cessat

Nope sorry, it's too time consuming to catch up with the weekly game modifications. It was a bumpy ride but it's time to let go. There's still the save editor though it's not like you have no options left. Sorry