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Requesting hacks
Realm Grinder 8.0 / 10
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Clicker Idle Incremental Mouse Only Upgrades

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Game Reviews
Title Member Timestamp Overall Score
RG a great idle game 12/18/2015 8
Realm Grinder: Good enough for one sitting Playthrough. 06/19/2016 6
Realm Grinder Review 03/19/2016 10

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Realm Grinder

Requesting hacks
Last Updated: 10/21/2017 12:26


Call of Legends

  Earn 30 trophies

Prestigious Prospects

  Acquire 5,000 gems

Game Dscription
Realm Grinder, a free online Adventure game brought to you by Armor Games. Fancy being a benevolent king or a cruel tyrant? Choose an alignment between Good and Evil and form alliances with multiple races such as fairies, elves, angels, goblins, undead and demons in order to improve your coin output. Click to harvest your treasure, build your almighty empire, unleash your magic upon the land and be the richest ruler of the realm! You will unlock new upgrades and spells by achieving certain goals such as as building a certain amount of structures, clicking treasure enough times, casting spells or grinding hours of gameplay. Some requirements will remain unlocked through sessions, but most will not. Each faction gets access to unique spells, perks and upgrades which will shape your gameplay in different ways, from very active to almost completely idle based. You may ally with a single faction during each game session: faction alliances will be reset when you abdicate, allowing you to switch alignments and affiliations. When you are satisfied with your rulership and wish to restart your adventure, press the Abdicate button in the Options tab. Doing so will convert all your coins, buildings and upgrades into Gems, which will boost your next session’s overall production. All trophies along with some stats will be saved and recorded throughout sessions, resulting in better bonuses. Collect trophies to improve the output of your Halls of Legends, the most expensive - but potentially the most efficient! - building available in the game.
RE: Realm Grinder Posted on: 03/25/2016 8:16pm
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Any possible solution for Egg Hack ?

RE: Realm Grinder Posted on: 03/25/2016 10:06pm
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What is the problem you are having with it. I have attached a screenshot to show it does infact work. I have tested it on Chrome & Firefox.

RE: Realm Grinder Posted on: 03/26/2016 8:05pm
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Does indeed seem to longer work (not sure if they did a minor patch). No incrementing results in firefox/chrome/edge for neither the current nor the total amount of eggs I got.

RE: Realm Grinder Posted on: 03/27/2016 1:24am
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I tried the egg hack myself and found that it changed my current number of eggs, but not my total collected. Both common and rare.

RE: Realm Grinder Posted on: 03/27/2016 4:18am
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The total is a different number you will have to search for it if you would like to change your total. It is the same steps though.

RE: Realm Grinder Posted on: 03/27/2016 7:33am
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Seems to be working now, guess my browser was acting up.

RE: Realm Grinder Posted on: 03/27/2016 12:07pm
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All right everyone, apparently with hotfix 4 they managed to fix modding max eggs as I can't seem to find the total anymore that anyone would have. But you can still mod the amount of eggs you have on hand which will let you buy rare eggs and unique, the only thing you will have to do is collect 7000 common eggs to get that quest done. It is pretty easy to get the 7k though as that is most of what you get when you collect. It sucks I know but I can't seem to figure out a way around it. Maybe one of the other more experienced and skilled modders on here will come back and figure something out or start patching all the mods, to work again.

RE: Realm Grinder Posted on: 04/02/2016 9:10am
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Anyone got any luck with one for artifacts? Some of those are a major pain. 

RE: Realm Grinder Posted on: 04/02/2016 1:22pm
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Have troubles with artifacts too :) aint hard, but time consuming, if only we could use speed-hack again somehow.

RE: Realm Grinder Posted on: 04/03/2016 2:11pm
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But a real pain at high reincarnation counts since you can excav so little.

RE: Realm Grinder Posted on: 04/08/2016 3:55pm
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God theres so much for such a small game!

RE: Realm Grinder Posted on: 04/20/2016 9:55pm
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i would not call this game "small", it's quite deep, comparing to other incremental idle games. Interesting options with researches, trophies and etc. I want to "hack" it a bit, to make it easier, not to "insta-win" ;)
I did actually now got all 44 artifacts. So generally as in CE forums, would be only interested in Mana/Rubies only ;)

RE: Realm Grinder Posted on: 04/20/2016 11:41pm
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hacks haven't been updated in a long time, does nobody cares anymore? i stopped playing when the speedhack was disabled, game's boring as shit without it

RE: Realm Grinder Posted on: 04/21/2016 12:43pm
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You know, an autoclicker works really well with this game.

RE: Realm Grinder Posted on: 05/11/2016 10:00am
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Just go Goblin Coins first then get enough money to at least get half the achievement specially with the number of buildings upgrade, it really helps and then go Hell next.

Almost done with all the achievement only issue is, i have only been playing for a week. There is an achievement where in you need to play for at least 25days. So It really sucks.