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Requesting hacks
Realm Grinder 8.0 / 10
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Clicker Idle Incremental Mouse Only Upgrades

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Game Reviews
Title Member Timestamp Overall Score
RG a great idle game 12/18/2015 8
Realm Grinder: Good enough for one sitting Playthrough. 06/19/2016 6
Realm Grinder Review 03/19/2016 10

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Realm Grinder

Requesting hacks
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Call of Legends

  Earn 30 trophies

Prestigious Prospects

  Acquire 5,000 gems

Game Dscription
Realm Grinder, a free online Adventure game brought to you by Armor Games. Fancy being a benevolent king or a cruel tyrant? Choose an alignment between Good and Evil and form alliances with multiple races such as fairies, elves, angels, goblins, undead and demons in order to improve your coin output. Click to harvest your treasure, build your almighty empire, unleash your magic upon the land and be the richest ruler of the realm! You will unlock new upgrades and spells by achieving certain goals such as as building a certain amount of structures, clicking treasure enough times, casting spells or grinding hours of gameplay. Some requirements will remain unlocked through sessions, but most will not. Each faction gets access to unique spells, perks and upgrades which will shape your gameplay in different ways, from very active to almost completely idle based. You may ally with a single faction during each game session: faction alliances will be reset when you abdicate, allowing you to switch alignments and affiliations. When you are satisfied with your rulership and wish to restart your adventure, press the Abdicate button in the Options tab. Doing so will convert all your coins, buildings and upgrades into Gems, which will boost your next session’s overall production. All trophies along with some stats will be saved and recorded throughout sessions, resulting in better bonuses. Collect trophies to improve the output of your Halls of Legends, the most expensive - but potentially the most efficient! - building available in the game.
RE: Realm Grinder Posted on: 05/12/2016 6:12am
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There is so much that impresses me about this game.  The depth, particularly the way that new game mechanics are rolled out, is totally unparalleled in this genre.  But, man, the speed of play is a real problem. You get through so much from active play and then hit a wall where the best way to move past is to idle for days and days.

RE: Realm Grinder Posted on: 05/24/2016 11:01am
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None of the Hacks work anymore. Has anyone of you a savegame editor for this game?

RE: Realm Grinder Posted on: 05/24/2016 10:11pm
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Faction Coin and Assistant Hack still work.

For FC's, you need to pause the game with speed hack and then run an Exact Number Double*1 scan for the FC you want to modify, it may take a few tries as the numbers switch between 0 and the Current Value and you may end up freezing the game on a 0. But the overall process is hope the FC in not on a 0, change the scanned value, freeze value, unfreeze game, let FC increase, freeze game and scan. Repeat. Anything over 1e318(?) turns the value to basically infinite, doesnt break the game though.

Assistants are largely the same, but with an All Value scan. Freeze game, All Value scan with your assistant number, unfreeze, increase, freeze, rescan. What you are looking for is a Byte, 2 Byte, 4 Byte and 8 Byte section at the same memory address. This 4 value sequence must be followed by a Double value. You take all 5 of these values and freeze them, then change the whole block to what you want. The largest number that I tested is 2 billion. Unfreeze game.

This just changes them for play, never bothered to check if works for permanent stats. FC will stick even if CE is closed, but Assistants dont(never checked though.) Repeat after abdication or reincarnation.

RE: Realm Grinder Posted on: 05/31/2016 3:42am
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For some reason The Trainer doesn't notice google but thanks they have still helped me

RE: Realm Grinder Posted on: 06/02/2016 8:50pm
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Some of them doesn't seem to work.
The problem is, most of value changes between 0 and actual number.
Can't really tell if they no longer works or cheat engine failed to get right one because the number shifted to 0 when it was doing it.

Best I can tell is figures shown on the stats, except time, usually works.
# of speicific spell casts are not, or building.

RE: Realm Grinder Posted on: 06/09/2016 9:50pm
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Seems you can't speed the game up either. You can slow it down but speedhack > 1 does nothing

RE: Realm Grinder Posted on: 06/15/2016 8:54pm
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For some odd reason alot of the cheats just crash me is just my computer or what? All the other Hacks work for other games!

RE: Realm Grinder Posted on: 06/27/2016 11:17am
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Hacking is a survival trait!

Update in a couple of days, generally he changes the encoding on the saves and known cheats, so a heads up.

RE: Realm Grinder Posted on: 07/03/2016 6:22am
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any news yet?

RE: Realm Grinder Posted on: 07/07/2016 6:08pm
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Changing the saves is one way to combat cheating, however it also annoys players, especially if those saves are the only way the game saves. Because if it breaks the saves and players lose their game then they are going to get angry at it.

RE: Realm Grinder Posted on: 07/08/2016 10:46pm
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Ubi Maior Minor Cessat

cheap buildings is a new hack that took the place of one the old ones. Use it

RE: Realm Grinder Posted on: 07/26/2016 2:19am
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I haven't been able to get the cheap buildings to work since the July 13 update. It always gives me a fail message

RE: Realm Grinder Posted on: 07/28/2016 3:34pm
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All the byte code locations aka (number of buildings) seem shifted any clue?

RE: Realm Grinder Posted on: 07/29/2016 5:14am
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none of it works for me anymore

RE: Realm Grinder Posted on: 08/06/2016 6:19pm
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These hacks aren't working anymore...
If I find out anythink I will update, but I'm not good at this.